Keep Warm And Stylish With Taller Textil

Categories: Accessories, Arts & Crafts, Handmade, Necklaces By Maria Marinelli

These days every single time I go outside I hear in my mind the first words of that old song “when the weather outside is frightful…”. And, let me tell you, is not because I’m extremely into Christmas mood (well, actually I might be just a tiny bit obsessed, but that’s not the point now). The problem is that it’s amazingly cold outside. And as much as I like to feel warm and toasty, I don’t like to look like a sausage all wrapped up. See, it takes time to learn how to look stylish even during the coldest months. And it takes beautiful, warming accessories, like the ones hand-knitted by Taller Textil.

I’m in love with the cozy and lovely scarves and neck-warmes in this shop and I just love the collar which can be worn also indoor for a warm and elegant fix.

We do love wool too! Have a look at our Collection.