Just 4 Steps, for your Next great Video Product

Categories: Seller Tips By Valentina Sangiovanni


We already talked about creating videos to better present your products and boosting the sales of your Blomming shop. Today, instead, we would like to approach videos from their technical side: some tips and advices on how to create the best video product, even if you never created a video before!

We’ll never get tired of saying that the video is one of the most powerful tool because of its instancy and its ability to arouse emotions. Luckily, to create your first video product, you’ll need just a bit of time, few tools and some ideas, and it ‘s not necessary to rely on professionals, instead, call a friend who can help you, and then… try and try again, till you are not completely satisfied with the result.


Choose one of two products to introduce and decide how to describe them. If you are shy or feeling silly, try out your presentation having the camera off. You can also try to write down a text, but remember to appear natural: more spontaneous you look, better will be the final result. Than try, try, and try again!



To have an attractive video product, be sure your final result is crisp, bright and eye-catching: you won’t need any expensive tools to get started. A modern camera, with the an integrated video feature, will be enough. There are also many examples of video shot with modern smartphones, which are absolutely fine.

If you want to invest some money, you could buy a tripod, in order to make your videos look more professional. But our suggestion is to go for an external microphone: the sound will be clearer, you won’t need to be too closed to the camera – to avoid the echo effect – and it will also allow you to move yourself around.

external-microphone-video-productLights and Scenography

Just like the pictures of your shop, your video set up is really important. Remember that natural light is always the best, as for the pictures, so try to shot your videos during sunny and bright days. However, avoid the direct sunlight, and try to get a softer illumination!

The background of your videos play an essential role, just study and prepare all the items you’ll need: a table, white towel, a panel with your logo, or even your lab – just if it’s tidy! Take off everything that is not linked or connected with your products of shops: toys, dirty laundry… well, you know what I am talking about.

When you have finished with lights and background, get yourself ready: get your hair tidy, wear comfortable but nice clothes, and add  bit of makeup, then smile and relax. Ready? “Lights, cameras, action!”

Post Production

Once finished, you can decide to enhance your video, a little bit: Windows Movie Maker and Apple iMovie are two free and easy to use tools, you can try to play with lights, sound quality, addiing text, and much more.



If you don’t feel like creating videos for your products, but still want to take advantage of this powerful tool, you can consider Animoto, a program that allows you to create video using just sequence of images, and then adding music, text, special effects.