Jules Loves Leather

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Love Jules

Julia (Jules) Vagelatos is a designer from Canada whose story seems almost a fairy tale. A fairy tale about unexpectedly stumbling on a lifelong passion. While attending college she was looking for a job to pay her rent and she happened to apprentice with a leather craftsman. During that time she developed a big love for leather craft. After a graduation in fine arts she’s today the owner and designer behind Love Jules Leather in collaboration with her partner Josh Blodans. And the rest is history.


Thanks to their artistic background as well as to Julia’s experience, their work is strongly focused on the design without forgetting the importance of craftsmanship. Their range includes beautiful shoes and boots as well as other nice and unique accessories such as camera straps, corsets, belt packs and some jewelry. Each piece is one of a kind and made out of a blend of new and recycled leather. Want to know more? Check her lovely Tumbr!

Love Jules