Jordà’s Dreamy Blendscapes Illustrations

Categories: Illustrations, Inspirational, Visual Art By Severine Kaiser

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It was love on the first sight. No, I don’t talk about somebody. I mean the creations of Spanish artist Oriol Angrill Jordà. Especially his new serie called “Blendscapes”, which  innovative melt women and landscapes together. It looks like double exposure photographies. He uses watercolors, colored pencils and graphite and we can tell that the result is just magnificent!

oriol angrill jorda2

Jordà spent most of his life on the Island Mallorca and studied several times about Arts. Now, he is known for his ability of realistic illustrations. The interesting fact in this new serie is the mixture between the very realistic women and the infused landscapes, which gives the illustration a dreamy twist.

oriol angrill jorda

His facility at experimenting and using in a personal manner the different techniques (he tried pastel, watercolors, colored pencil, white pencil on black canson paper, acrylics, graphite, charcoal and others) makes us only dream about having such a talent. We are sure to hear from him during the future!

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