Meet Norm, The New Instagram Celebrity

Categories: Photography By Laís Fulgencio


And who said the Instagram is only for humans?
Meet Norm. Norm is a almost 2 years old pug  owned by Jeremy Veach which shows his photogenic side in a fun way.
Veach brought  Norm to his house when he was only 8 weeks and since then has explored different poses and scenarios inspired by some  other dog-stars who became famous in the same way. Jeremy says that the dog loves do the shootings and that can really tell when he is not satisfied with scenery, accessories or even to pose.

Norm-Pug-bem-legaus-5Norm-Pug-bem-legaus-4 Norm-Pug-bem-legaus-2

But what makes Norm different from other dog-stars in Social Media?  Norm sometimes likes to steal Jeremy’s camera and take some mad good “selfies”, and post them to his owners Instagram. Or at least that is the effect the pictures have, they look like the dog is photographing himself (A thing that many humans love to do).
Because of Norm, Jeremy has now around 42.000 followers on his account.





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