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For the first time, Blomming releases its data regarding the sales sources on different Social Media, as recorded by their Shops. This is a precious clue to understand trends in Social Commerce. We have created an infographic, that you found here at the bottom, with the analysis of how different channels and social actions impact sales. Actually, Facebook is extremely effective as an E-Commerce lead generator. Its capacity to generate sales, today, is similar to the traditional Web. Is there a secret to make it work? Yes: engagement. As any good shopkeeper knows, it is important to maintain good relations with customers. And this is even truer on Social Media. Who is able to communicate on Blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etcetera, gets better sales results.

Following you will an infographic with these and other data on Social Commerce in general, and a press release with all the details. 


Infographic download in PDF format (document): Blomming-Social-Commerce-Sales-sources

Infographic download in JPG format (image): Blomming-Social-Commerce-Sales-sources


Social Commerce Works!
And Blogs are still important

For the first time, Blomming releases its data about Sales sources, confirming the importance of Facebook and Blogs in E-Commerce. The first european Social Commerce startup also keeps innovating: French version, advanced redesign, the milestone of 5,000 Promoters subscribed to the Social Affiliation Program and new advanced functions for Twitter and Pinterest.  

Cagliari, Italy – Aug. 5th, 2013 – Every good shopkeeper knows it all along: “Advertising is the soul of commerce”. But for selling it is also important to keep good relations with customers. Even more online, and especially on Social Media, where communication, relationships, promotion and sales are integrated. This is confirmed by the experience of Blomming: 40% of sales come directly from Social Networks, and Facebook counts for 30%! While Sellers’ Blogs and Websites are still relevant, generating 42% of trade. Special mention to Google Blogger, which alone is worth 4% of this.

The forecast made by Gartner, Inc. is thus confirmed: “By 2015, companies will generate 50% of Web sales via their Social presence and mobile applications(1).” In addition, sales coming from Blomming’s Social Marketplace and mobile app, introduced only a few months ago, are steadily growing, too.

Blomming recently introduced a number of innovations. A new design is improving the usability of the site. The product pages now give greater emphasis on Shops’ owners, enhancing a personal and direct relationship. The new Social Marketplace is more eye-catching than ever and includes filters to facilitate the product search.

Among the visitors of Blomming, “Social Media Lovers” are increasingly important as they  help the Shops to sell products by promoting them through the Social Affiliation Program, which has recently reached 5,000 members. Promoters just have to pick the products they love and share the link in a blogpost or with a simple Like, Pin, Tweet, and so on. In case of a sale, the Promoter earns a percentage of the price set by the Seller. More info in this page.

In order to enhance the “Culture of Sharing”, Blomming has implemented the new advanced features of Pinterest and Twitter, Twitter Cards and Rich Pins. In addition to image and title, now these Social Networks show both price and relevant information for every Blomming product shared. Last but not least, our strategy of international expansion makes another step forward with the introduction of the French version of the website.

Blomming’s CEO Matteo Cascinari states: “These are just some of the innovations that we have developed recently. The plans for the near future are extremely intense and include the release of new features, important partnerships and international development. We are planning to launch the site in other languages. And our founder Nicola Junior Vitto is now in San Francisco to activate new international business opportunities.”

Sales generated by Blomming Shops confirm the good performance of Social Commerce. In fact, in 40% of cases, sales happen directly within the Facebook Shop or thanks to Social Sharing – 30% of sales are made via Facebook while Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube represent the remaining 10%. A 42% of total sales is related to the use of Websites and Blogs. And the remaining 18% of transactions occurs directly on Blomming – a trend which is growing fast thanks to a recent redesign of our Social Marketplace. More information can be found in the infographic enclosed to this email.

Blomming has been named “Cool Vendor in E-Commerce 2012” and included in the related report by Gartner, Inc.:

About Blomming
Blomming allows anyone, individuals and companies, to sell from its own Website, Blog or Facebook Page, and directly on Blomming. Called “Three Shops in One”, this is a peculiar approach to Social Commerce, offering a pervasive platform that integrates Facebook Commerce, Blog Commerce, SaaS E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce all from a centralized, easy-to-use management console. Blomming currently supports more than 23,000 online Shops with a catalog of over 300,000 products on sale.

Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione 2012, Presidenza della Repubblica, Italy
Cool Vendor in E-Commerce 2012, Gartner, Inc., USA
Innovative Niche E-commerce Providers to Watch, 2012
Best E-Tailer – Best Pure Online Player, Accenture, 2012
Top 25 Startup Southern Europe, TechTour, 2011

Who we are
Blomming has been developed by Nicola Junior Vitto, Alberto D’Ottavi, Matteo Cascinari and Andrea Salicetti. At the tender age of 32, Nicola, founder and product strategist, has already ten years of experience in product strategy on the web, E-Commerce and finance. Alberto, co-founder, is a journalist, blogger, lecturer on digital innovation. He has been nominated by Edelman as one of the “1.000 Top Tech Twitter Influencers Worldwide”. Matteo Cascinari, coming from a career in C-level management for international companies, entered Blomming as business angel, partner and CEO. Andrea Salicetti is also a partner and Senior Developer. In 2012 Blomming has been funded with a €1.3 millions investment by Vertis SGR.

For information: press@blomming.comhttp://www.blomming.com


Press Release download (PDF): Social-Commerce-Works