If I Had To Guess… Social (And Facebook) Commerce Are The New Drivers

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“If I had to guess, Social Commerce is next to blow up”, reportedly said Mark Zukerberg in August 2010. He was launching Facebook Places, that is the interpretation number n-square-n of Social Commerce – or sort of, at least. The idea that Social Commerce is really at its beginnings, with trials, errors, business models experiments and so on. This is also evident in the great article that Wired UK published on Jan. 2011: Commerce gets social: How social networks are driving what you buy. How does this works? How can we mix and match selling, shopping, conversations and “liking”, should it happen on the Open Web, on Social Media, mobiles or what-the-hell the terminals we’re going to invent? It’s still under scrutiny by companies and, most of all, by “We the people” on the digital social networks.

Many sources are now studying this, and somebody tries to summarizes the data. After the jump there is an infographic made by Spinback and published by the blog Digitalbuzz. Enjoy!