Ideas that Make Life in The Kitchen Easier

Categories: Food & Wine, Smart Ideas By Francesco Bassetti


Separating the yolk of an egg from the white, if you haven’t had much practice or are in a hurry, can be a real pain! Well now you can just throw everything into the same bowl. And im not asking you to forgo the necessary separation for whatever it is your cooking, but simply intorducing you to an alternative method.

Pluck by Quirky is a very simple instrument that effectively removes the yolk with a simple squeeze. Pluck-Dividere-le-Uova

Take a look at this  video to get an idea of how Pluck works and how simple it is.

Pluck is useful for all, wether you be a Body Builder or on a diet of low colesterole, or even just your average person who wants to bake a cake or cook an omlette without too much hassle.

If it’s enticing you then here is the link to buy it from. Happy Blomming!