Ideas for Your Christmas Themed Table Decoration

Categories: Home Decor, Shopping By Severine Kaiser

table1Now, almost everything is ready for Christmas! You already prepared all the gifts? Well, then you just need to take care of the real parties : Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas dinner, New Year’s Eve… There are so many occasions! Whether you choose to celebrate them in the traditional way, by opting for a classic menu, or you want to surprise your guests with the most extravagant dishes, make sure that your table is tastefully decorated… But also practical, to ensure a dinner without problems!

Color Tablecloth
table2In this case, the choice is dictated by the very personal taste, but if you want to stay on classical themes, choose colors such as red, white and gold. When you choose the tablecloth, think also about the color and shape of the centerpiece, which will harmonize with the rest of the decorations, and the dishes, if you choose something special and decorated. For cutlery, instead, you should stand on something classic – like silver or steel – and leave the rest of the year for extravagances.


If you want something that is practical, we recommend you to create a delicious centerpiece that can entertain guests while they wait for the actual dishes: add breadsticks and snacks to your decor and you’re done!
table3If you want to opt for something extravagant, go for it: just remember to choose something which isn’t too high, it can be embarrassing, it can prevent guests to look each other in the eyes! Another practical suggestion, if you choose to use candles, don’t use scented variants: they could create annoying contrasts with the aroma of the food (which is more important, don’t you think?)


Here, again, we suggest that you use your imagination! A biscuit, sweet or salty, positioned at the center of the plate with a toothpick that bears the name of the guests, perhaps decorated with a red ribbon. What about a little note with the name of the guest stucked in a colored pine cone?
table4Don’t be afraid to dare! A nice idea: create a small giveaway for your guests, so they’ll have a positive memory of the evening.


The table is important, but also what surrounds it: you almost forgot the chairs, right? Add red ribbons tied in a soft, if you want to add in even a small wreath made ​​with a pine cone: the effect is guaranteed!
table5How to lay the cutlery

Finally, some knowledge on how to set the table certainly won’t hurt! Remember, the knives are on the right, with the blade inward and forks to the left, placing in the outside that you will use the first – and the same rule works for the forks.
table6The cutlery dessert instead will go in the upper zone compared to the pot, with the handle on the left, and the glasses are placed at the same level than the knives: from left to right (as you use first the water and then the wine). The last rule is the most important: relax and your dinner in good company!

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