Human’s Dream of Flying Once Again Achieved by Jetman

Categories: Future, Inspirational By Severine Kaiser

Yves ROSSYWhat is the most common dream of people? Usually, we dream about having superpowers, such as being invisible, … and the most common one, to fly!  Well, there is a guy who was crazy enough to realize it by himself. His name? Yves Rossy, also known as Jetman – a sort of superhero!

What makes him so special? He first had a successful career as a military pilot in the Air Force (he was assigned to the Hawker Hunter and Mirage III) and worked later as a captain with Swiss International Air Lines. So the interest of flying has always been present in his life… Therefore, it wasn’t enough for him, it becomes more than a hobby or work: a passion. His goal was total freedom in the air, so he made an engine with a rigid wing. It needed 10 years of development and more than 15 prototypes, but he succeeded.

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Rossy is the first and only man in history of aviation to fly with a jet-propelled wing. It looks like a Science-fiction movie, but it dates already of 2006. He’s constantly developing and improving the wing shape for more stability and control. In 2010, he was able to perform flights and aerobatic demonstrations; and still flies in incredible locations (ex: Grand Canyon, Rio de Janeiro…) and some weeks ago, Rossy took a flying trip around the Mount Fuji in Japan. I guess everybody right now would like to take a flight with him to see the world from above… You have an overview with this video:

Working hard pays off! Happy Blomming!