How to Sell Food Products Online

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food onlineThis time, Blomming has the pleasure to introduce Daniele Vinci, who is responsible for ComunikaFood. He’s an expert in online marketing and sales for food and wine. He gave us great tips to stand out from the crowd in the world of E-shops selling food .

I know what you’re thinking. Want to see if I guess right? Are you thinking – Oh, yes, the “niche”. But what does “niche” mean?

This post is intended to introduce a topic that, although in need of further study, I’ll try to summarize exclusively for Likepicasso. I’m constantly surfing online, out of curiosity and to study the commercial sector, looking for companies that produce food and wine. With the same manner, I linger on the websites of the companies that I find most interesting from a commercial point of view.

The web is a commercial gateway with double entry: on one side companies and manufacturers sell their products and on the other side buyers “select” them. The two commercial parties, both seller and buyer , have to find a meeting point which is determined by the following factors:
Reputation of the company or brand
If a farm, or a food manufacturer is known both online and offline, the job of searching and subsequent purchasing of the products becomes easier. Alternatively, we have to promote the brand and its products. On this subject we will return soon .

why buy food online

Price / quality
Although for food, more than others, it is the quality that rewards purchases, the web offers price comparison tools that are very easy to use. If you have a farm, let’s imagine you produce olive oil, for example. If your olive oil is not known neither in terms of product nor as a brand, it becomes a product that competes on price. For the same “anonymous” product, the buyer chooses the lowest price. As it happens in the supermarket, the choice on the price falls into the category of major purchases, this type of online product comparison becomes more frequent. There are strategies to get away from this logic, one among them is the branding of the product. If your product becomes less anonymous, it takes on greater appeal to buyers.
fast good cheap

Customer service sales
If you had to buy canned food, biscuits or wine online, you don’t think you’d need assistance in your choice. When it comes to assistance you always think of an “problems solving” office after the sale. No! It is called Complaints Office.
The assistance service is part of the sales process and accompanies him before, during and after the sale. It often becomes a support for a choice, a service orientation. Think about this when you decide to invest on the sale of your products online.
Luckily, those who need to sell online can take advantage of trading platforms such as Blomming. The advantage of using these platforms is the type of service dedicated to the sale and the ability to leverage the knowledge of the platform to be found more easily.

At this point I will try to suggest what I think it is important to be more attractive on Blomming selling gourmet products.

Exclusivity – If you sell a traditional product of  food and wine, such as salami, olive oil, honey; I guess you’re aware that if your product can be easily purchased in a shop you will not have many chances to sell it online if you do not have a known brand. For this case, my advice is to sell typical exclusive food online. The web opens the door to a new digital figure, the representative of digital commerce. This is because the products you sell in the traditional distribution channels don’t come into conflict with those selled online. Typical regional products are highly sought online to make gifts, but if the same product can be found it at the supermarket, do you think that those who receive the gift will be glad to find it out?
lecker salmon

Design – If the products that you are selling online are exclusive, thay can’t be packaged and sold in a “trivial” anonymous container. The design for the food is a matter of differentiation. As people aren’t able to get a preview of the taste, smell or texture, you need to convey the value of your product with elements of aesthetic communication. A bottle design, a box finish, an exclusive wine label can make a difference.
lecker wine

Selection – One of the problems of those who buy online is the “choice”. Who is having to deal with an organization needs to purchase. If you help the buyer selecting products for him, placing them in a sort of “selection typical mixed it will make it easier to choose. People tend to trust more something already assembled, rather than having the stress of choosing. Imagine the gift baskets of wine and food products, apart from shoppers who already know what they want and choose individually the various products, is also thinking of those that have no idea what to choose. I assure you there are many.
food online 2

If you offer also a “selection” of products ranged by price, I guarantee you they will appreciate it and purchase more easily.

These three variables apply best in food niche and Blomming I saw there are many interesting products. I wish you good find and a nice feast of delicacies.

Daniele Vinci

Thank you Daniele for your precious help! Blommers – try them and tell us your results!