A Time For Yourself: Homemade Spa

Categories: Tutorials By Maria Marinelli

Friday is the day that we start dreaming about our weekend. We feel a bit lazy, tired and need a well deserved break to recharge our batteries for the next week. During a normal week only a few of us can find time to take care of themselves between the work tasks, kids needs and house work. So, on this quick break of our routine, what can we do for slowing down a little bit and giving our-self the attention we deserve? spa A day at a spa would be ideal, wouldn’t it? But sometimes it’s impossible to arrange it or maybe is too expensive. So why won’t recreate  a little spa day in your own house? It’s not as hard as you think it is; you’d be amazed to find that many natural and low-cost ingredients found right in your kitchen can produces amazing results. I found three recipes which will allow you to easily make your skin glow as never before. Start off with a deep cleaning and then apply a homemade mask. Then move to a toner to freshen up and clear  your skin. Finally moisturize by using this heavenly scented  lotion.   Don’t forget to find the right music (something cheery and relaxing will do), light some candles (lavender is the best one to unwind, jasmine will make you happy and cinnamon is useful to fight a mild depression), wear your most comfortable clothes, switch off your phone and, of course, enjoy as much as you can!

Happy Weekend!