Home Décor: Halloween Style

Categories: Home Decor, Tutorials By Maria Marinelli

Glam Golden Pumpkin via Kandeeland

Who said that Halloween has to be only about a macabre and creepy mood? While I may like pumpkins and while I really love orange as a color, I don’t really see why I should make my apartment look like a hunted house. Now that the weather is turning bad and days are turning darker, I’d rather give my house a bright make over.

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So here’s my idea: let’s give this Halloween a glam, golden look! All it takes is some spray paint. Let’s just paint everything gold and then light golden (or even white) candles everywhere. Everything will look much more elegant, brighter and festive. Even the mood will improve and yes, you can still keep your beloved pumpkins.

Tiny Table Pumpkins via Martha Stewart