Hello World – Really!

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We are so happy to be here. After a long wait, our international blog is finally online, ready to collect the stories of the many who create, invent, build, craft, make – and more. As in the image above, we – the chameleons – are just part of the picture. Along the road we have met a number of incredible people that trusted the idea of an open, fast, easy to use, social e-commerce platform built to empower your online presence, such as your blog, website or Facebook Page. Many of them come from distant countries, so we thought that it was time to create a meeting point, a place where people can share their experiences and creations.


Such as Lukava, from Melbourne, that tells us that cats can be red and play piano. aren’t we all strange animals?

We look forward to hear from you in the comments for ideas, suggestions and proposals for future posts.

Happy Blomming!