Guerilla Gardening

Categories: Inspirational By Francesco Bassetti

guerilla gardening

Cities across the globe have acres and acres of abandoned green spaces. Whether these be the unused sidewalks on the street, or the parking lots and abandoned warehouses that surround the city, it is a known fact that these are very often left unkept and unattended. This has led to a new greeen revolution: Guerrilla Gardening. Guerrilla Gardening essentially consists in the cultivation of public land, this initiative has been particularly successful in the United States and Canada and represents an act of peaceful revolution. Some of these revolutionaries choose to work in secrecy whilst others choose to involve local communities, such as Ron Finley’s project in Los Angeles, which sees him bringing together homeless people and disadvantaged youths to teach them to cultivate the soil around them. They are quite literally ‘growing money on trees’, in the sense that the food produced can both allow for the locals to save money in buying food and at the same time also make money by selling the produce. These intiatives not only put good, healthy food on the tables of people who often do not eat nutritious meals, but they also give a new and positive role to being on the streets, a place that far too often is associated with criminal activities and negative actions.

guerilla gardening ron finley-ron finley- los angeles guerilla gardening

These initiatives are surfing the current wave of increased interest in green and socially aware initiatives. There are thousands of these movements and it is very easy to take part, just pick up a shovel and start planting. And you don’t even have to be a revolutionary, grow food on your balcony or in your back yard. Here on Blomming we have shops that promote these kind of initiatives, where you can optimize the space available so as to cultivate your own fruit and veggies!

cultivate public land-guerilla gardening

Take a loook at this video if you are interested, to witness some truly inspirational work.

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