Growing Plants On Your Balcony… Even In Big Cities

Categories: Home & Garden, Smart Ideas By Valentina Sangiovanni

Orto-sul-TerrazzoHave you ever heard about happy degrowth? It could seem an oxymoron to most of us, but instead it’s a successful idea that is catching on into young and innovative enterpreneurs’ projects. It is substantially the deep value of “living better consuming less through, for example, the practices of self-sufficiency: the possibility to eat just vegetables and fruits that come out directly from our terrace. Do you think it is not possible?

Greenhouse-for-balconyFilippo and Federica, besides being a couple, are two guys really interested in the concept of degrowth, and particularly in every practices of self-sufficiency. Throughout the project Orto sul Terrazzogarden on terrace – they engage themselves everyday in increasing, spreading and make people know about a fair and simple farming, that everybody can do, even just having small places available, like a balcony.Vintage-Coffee-Grinder

Orto sul Terrazzo is a great shop for everybody considering farming and gardening, even on a small terrace in a big city, a real way to reconnect with nature, discovering the pleasure of slowliness and working with plants and land.
Aromatic-Herbs-for-the-KitchenIn their shop you will find everything you need to start growing fruit and vegetables in small places: small greenhouses for terraces, rakes, organic fertilizer and also the innovative Bacsquare: ecological containers which allow you to grow plants in small places at high productivity and efficiency.Bacsquare-Orto-sul-Terrazzo

Federica has always been involved in farming, thanks to the precious experiences of her grandparents and parents, while Federico is working in social and micro finance. His experiences on many fields around the world gave him the opportunity to directly observe the advantages of self-sufficiency, and to discover how it’s possible, even with few resources, create balanced and sustainable communities.


Besides the website, the online shop and the Facebook page, Filippo and Federica take care of their blog, in which you can find useful advice for growing on the balcony – planting and bloom times – but also recipes and insights on self-sufficiency, both for plants and tissues.