Go Gas Free: Outdoor Entertainment Knows No Limits

Categories: Smart Ideas By Alejandro Mendo


Christmas is over and the new year has come full of good intentions, mostly linked to get fit before summer. Yes, it looks far from now, but it always nice to think of outdoor activities to not only have fun but also get fit. Seems like a good deal, right? Today we want to introduce you guys a new way of outdoor entertainment: Go Gas Free, which literally means move without fuel, but more practically means lightness, respect for the environment, recreation, relax, nature.

Go Gas Free is an amazing project recently landed on Blomming, which offers anyone the opportunity to move with the futuristic Segway PT – which stands for Personal Transporter. It is a kind of intelligent scooter that allows a single person to move in a completely new, easy and funny way. This innovative transport can start, stop, or reverse thanks to the simple movements of… your body!  Try bending forwards or backwards or just use a knob on the handlebar that allows you to bend.


Thanks to Go Gas Free you can learn everything about the Segway PT in all its versions and have fun in a tour with your friends and family. Just a little info: you need to travel to the beautiful Italian region La Toscana to experience it. But, is that even a problem? Proposals adapt to all your needs: try a discovery tour of the charming Tuscan cities surrounded by nature and art, or enjoy a tasty picnic with typical Tuscan products. For the adventurous, dare playing some Polo riding this revolutionary vehicle!


Go check their Facebook Page for further details or watch this nice video, you will want to try it!