Find the Perfect Christmas Gift for a Man

Categories: Accessories, Shopping By Severine Kaiser

Christmas Gift for him
Last week, women were in the focus, giving men ideas on what to buy for their girlfriend or family.Well, the next logical post is to help women finding something for him! May it be your boyfriend, your father, your brother… The gifts have to be ready soon. And it isn’t always easy to guess what would please our men, so just keep in mind that something useful is usually welcome!

If your man is a workaholic and always on some business trips or meetings, help him out with this classy bag: it will let him remind of you wherever he’ll go! 
obj7You want your man to look elegant? Men don’t like shopping that much… And there is no need to change his whole wardrobe. There is a solution: a classy hat! He will look handsome in two seconds. Available in different colors in the store of My Bob.


He’s the nostalgic type, thinking about the good old times? If he’s also crazy about (old) music, then I have the perfect idea: a vinyl player! Take out the collection from the attic, and he will listen all day his favorite bands from his childhood.
click blommingHe loves spending time on the internet, or the PC is his main worktool ? Give him the possibility to stay in bed while surfing the web! With this convenient table, he can easily use laptop, Ipad, mobile phone and organize his business cards.

LEXIOshopStill hesitating? For more ideas, take a look on Blomming in the Gifts for Him Collection>>