Ghigo Style: Your Child As Superhero, Celebrity or Historical Personality

Categories: Shopping By Laís Fulgencio

Ghigo-Style-Salvador-DaliBuying clothes for children is certainly fun! All those sweaters, skirts, shorts, belts and T-shirts equal to ours, but in a mini version. It automatically shows our softer side and unleashes smiles. During our early days, we already develop our personality and even our parents notice it very well, and sometimes we were allowed to dress as we preferred. Thank Ghigo Style, since 2011 there is a way to accommodate the character traits of your child or baby and dress him in a completely original way.

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It is not only customizing a T-shirt: Ghigo Style allows us to “transform” our babies in their favorite heroes – or in ours! She is a real princess? Very well, Ghigo Style can make a little Audrey Hepburn out of her. If your child is a rebel, the Che Guevara T-shirt is what you need.


On the Ghigo Style shop you will find many examples of original T-shirts for your kids. Simply send a photo of your baby and choose which superhero or Celebrity transform it, and voilà: the T-shirt for your baby will be shipped to your home!T-Shirt-Bambini-Ghigo-Style

The idea is as simple as it is ingenious: an easy and at the same time great way to express the personality of your child and dress in an original way. Also several international stars have chosen Ghigo Style for their children, such as Victoria Beckham or Elisabetta Gregoraci: it’s like a craze and it is fun to see your little one in robes completely different from the usual ones.Maria-Antonietta-Ghigo-StyleIn addition, Ghigo Style custom shirts are a great gift idea for your children’s friends, nieces, nephews or cousins.

The custom T-shirts for your kids are on sale on Blomming, on the official website and Facebook page of Ghigo Style. And if you want to make a special gift, do not forget that Halloween is approaching and the new collection of Ghigo Style are all dedicated to this festival, how would your child be if he/she was a skeleton, a vampire or a witch with a pointy hat and black cat?