For Christmas: Gifts Under 50 Euro

Categories: Shopping By Severine Kaiser

Our journey continues! Our goal? Helping you to overcome Christmas stress by finding your gifts on Blomming. Until now, we tried to give you useful ideas of (also handmade) products to impress your family, friends, partner – sometimes beautiful, sometimes simply crazy! Today, we’re proposing you another selection based on budget: below, you will find some suggestions, but do not stop here: an entire collection called Gifts Under 50 Euro, has been created especially for you !
image1To start, we chose an object that represents perfectly the Christmas atmosphere: candles and soft lighting. It comes from the shop Mio Mondo Design and it is a tribute to the typical perforated terracotta lanterns, and according to the Arab tradition, it is called Lie Рor BUJIA Рand will amaze you with the unpredictability of light, which creates moving shadows through the holes.

myhopiLet’s escape from this cold winter and think about somewhere where it’s hot! We fell in love with these lovely cactus earrings – this gift is perfect for a girl with a fiery temperament or in love with Spain!

cuscino bioTo decorate easily somebody’s living room, these fluffy cushions will create a cosy atmosphere! Next to the chimney or on the couch, it reminds us totally of a The little bonus: they are made out of bio cotton.¬†

image5For lovers of Japan, this very nice Bento Box is for anyone who wants to feel like in the country of the rising sun during the lunch hour! It consists of three parts: a bowl and two shelves for food and drink. The top shelf is sealed specially to contain liquids. Suitable for both microwave and dishwasher, it is for sure practical!

lana del reyFlower-power! We all have that kind of friend who just wants to look gorgeous wherever she’s going – so why not giving her the possibility to have this Lana del Rey charme? With this headband composed of numerous red roses she will have the slight feeling to be a princess!

If you haven’t found yet a suitable gift: do not worry, we have a whole collection dedicated to
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Happy Shopping!