Fly Me To The Moon

Categories: Future By Laís Fulgencio


How many times we dreamed about space travelling? How many movies were made with this plot? Since the mankind step on the moon that we all think if and when we will be able to see the planet earth from the sky. Well, this dream is about to become true, at least for those which can spend some thousands dollars.

Located in the desert of New Mexico, the U.S., the Spaceport America was born with the intention of changing forever space travel, making them commercial. Meet Richard Branson , the mind behind this project of space tourism.
The company Virgin Galactic, owned by Branson, is the responsible for the trips that will depart of this spaceport, which makes even remember the lunar surface with futuristic buildings. The project cost $ 200 million and may put the first tourists aboard a SpaceShipTwo towards the Kármán line,  100 km above sea level, later this year.

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It is expected that with this altitude the passengers can get a beautiful view of the planet Earth and maybe even can have some time to enjoy the lack of gravity. The experience will costs a small fortune ($ 200,000 for two hours in space and 3 days of training at the spaceport), but will ‘unlock the door’ of this brave new world for all of us.

The most interesting thing is that, with the expansion of the market, it is believed that in addition to the space travel,  this futuristic airport will also realize “small” travels between one Europe and America  in one hour or less, reducing a lot the time that we need to spend inside an airplane on continental trips. Can you imagine have your Breakfast in San Francisco, Lunch in London and be home in Dallas at time to dinner?


The Spaceport America will have all infrastructure necessary and will be responsible for hosting two WhiteKnightTwo, the motherships, and five SpaceShipTwo, spacecrafts ready to be sent into space. To understand it better, watch the video below:

If you still can’t believe it, check it out the documentary that National Geographic made about this project:

Would you spend such an amount of money to travel to space?