Fliike: Real World Facebook Counter

Categories: Future, Smart Ideas By Laís Fulgencio


All brands, shops, sites and almost everything that exists in our real world are constantly concerned about boosting their Facebook Likes to demonstrate how their customers have followed them on the internet, how popular they are. But now, imagine if they could display in real time their likes from Facebook directly into a physical counter in their “real” stores? Thanks to Fliike, now you can proudly display your digital community in your store.


Fliike is the first physical Facebook Counter. Designed especially for shops, businesses, public places or marketing departments. It is basically a count of “Likes”  that can be installed in your establishment so your costumers can view in real-time the popularity of the brand on this famous social network.
This is only possible because the device is connected via the Facebook API that allows this count. The installation is very simple, basically just plug it into the outlet (110/220V), connect to the internet through Wi-Fi and configure your Facebook page to communicate with the device .

We love it. How about you? Do you think you will begin to see Fliike devices in local businesses in your home town?