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We found this e-mail from Fatima this morning, and it was sooo nice that we really felt touched. Fatima has been so kind to let us publish it:

I’ve finally managed to put things up on my Blomming Store. Thank you so much for such a lovely service you provide. It’s really easy & affordable to put up and really fast. I personally think it’s brilliant! I also mentioned you on my WordPress site ( ).
Thank you so much for such an easy to use application and one that gets our work out there… Many many thanks!! :-D
Best regards,

Thanks to you, we wrote back, asking for the permission to publish. And this is what she answered:

Nice to meet you too!
I’d be more than happy for you to use my feedback. I’m genuinely happy with the look, ease and accessibility of the store/website. I keep expecting a nasty surprise as I’ve had with other websites but this is the first that didn’t charge me, allowed me to put more than one image (which is really important but often overlooked & over-priced), it was fast to upload images, with little description and not a lot of unnecessary extras that you fill in and finally give up after the 5th item you upload. Plus, it seems you keep an eye on what happens helping encourage & promote work and get an online community going… So thank you for providing us with such a wonderful outlet and with such ease! I love being able to post it directly onto my Facebook without having to log-in, copy + paste etc (though I can’t seem to embed it into my WordPress, which is either because I’m of limited resources or it’s still in its infancy)… Still, it’s accessible to any customers/followers via Facebook…
A massive thank you to the Blomming Team. I’m pretty sure it’s taken a lot of testing, coding, design, marketing and tons of coffees etc to get this up and running!
Kind regards,

Really rivers of coffee, you’re right. And we’re sorry for Wordpress: actually we work perfectly on “self installed” blogs (eg Wikicrazia, he’s sold lots of copies of his book this way), and we also have a plugin, but still not receiving answers from the WordPress guys for having our widget allowed on their hosted systems. But we keep pushin on them :)

Thanks again, Fatima. We’re so happy that you appreciated the approach and the vision behind Blomming. And hey you all, have a look to the brilliant stuff she makes. Or you can visit the Facebook Page of her Samphire Arts Group, or enjoy her lovely stories on her blog.

Happy Blomming!