Fantasy: Make Way for Magicians, Dragons, Witches, Orcs …

Categories: Design, Kids By Michela Secci

strega, witch ofelia
Hello to all Blommers. A few days ago we decided to open our Pandora’s box and let loose all its contents… guess what came out?

Our brand new Fantasy collection!!!
We have been surrounded by trolls, witches, dragons, and fairies… an enchanted platform.

We discovered that, close up, the orcs of Raccolor art are quite terrifying… yet beautiful in their details as with many Games Workshop miniatures, which are collectable itmes that you usually build and paint yourself and which you can buy already finished straight from Raccolor Art! Perfect and unique in their field!

Or you could go for the creations found at EandLshop that carry you straight to Middle Earth, or into the pages of the NeverEnding Story. These are true pieces of art, made from resin and so realistic that they come to life.

Our shops go all the way, allowing us to live out these fantastical worlds from all sorts of angles, from the mugs by Rofosdesign  to the sets of perfumes of  StregaDelleRose….

And of course in every fantasy collection there have to be Dragons. Dragons everywhere, on tables, in mirrors and even as part of chandeliers… lets hope they aren’t dangerous!

Last but not least, for those who love Cosplay we recommend these shops: LAFENICESHOPCatInBag e ElettroDM, you’ll be surprised at what they have in store for you!