Falls Essentials

Categories: Fashion, Shopping By Maria Marinelli

Fall's Essentials

Let’s face it: going from summer to fall can be painful. Even more than that: it can be traumatic. But luckily there are some tricks to make the shift waaay more pleasant. I bet you can guess what I’m talking about: shopping therapy!

According to the new trends, black is back (again) and we’re all going to wear a touch of warm and earthy burgundy. Peplum style is here to stay and we’re gonna rock tops and skirts (which thankfully suit almost all sorts of body shapes). And if you’re missing the shining sun too much, here’s a good news for you: you can keep shining through the winter just by adding a couple of silver pieces to your wardrobe.

And because going out in the rain can be horrible, let’s browse the web as a virtual window to view through while sipping your hot tea: let’s visit our Blomming Collections!

In the image:

  1. Off the shoulder little black dress by Cvetinka 
  2. Wool little black dress by Wonderhand 
  3. Silk velvet scarf by Teresa Rose Shields 
  4. Fedora hat by Rocks and Salt