Facebook Commerce Arise. And Blomming Has Its Solution

Categories: Blomming News By Alejandro Mendo


“As companies find ways to embed their e-commerce engines within social media, the market for social commerce will skyrocket, helped in part by new models for buying and by the availability of products developed specifically for social networking sites. By 2015, the dollar volume of goods sold through social media should rise sixfold, to $30 billion from $5 billion this year”.

These are the Booz&Co estimates as published in the white paper “Turning Like to Buy” (you can download it here) that really amazed all the people working on Social Commerce. We too are amazed, since we’re launching our Facebook Store solution today. We are the first in Italy to offer this opportunity to all kind of customers, not only the big companies. And we are among the very few that offer a multi-channel system that allows people to sell on an online marketplace (Blomming’s one), on their website or blog, and within their Facebook Pages, all from a single, centralized platform.

In this page you can find an in-depth tutorial explaining how it works (in english). Here’s the App Page on Facebook. Happy Blomming!