Facebook Changes Page Layout: Take The Most Of Your Blomming Shop

Categories: Blomming News, Facebook, Seller Tips By Alejandro Mendo

Nuove Pagine Facebook 2014

Facebook is not only a fun tool to use with friends but also a powerful way to promote your business or go for some branding. Our sellers are well aware of its effectiveness thanks to the Facebook Shop powered by Blomming, which is directly connected to your Blomming account and allows you to sell from your own page without redirecting clients to an external site.

But as you probably know already, the most popular of Social Networks is constantly adding changes and there is also a significant one linked to the layout of all Facebook Pages. We would like to share some information in order to help you not to lose any visibility for your Facebook Shop.

The new layout is already visible in some Pages and will be active  for all starting from June, 20th. Main changes affect the style: there are two columns and everything feels like personal profiles. In this new structure, posts made by admins can be found on the right column, while on the left there are boxes for the usual Likes, General Information, Photos, Videos and other applications for Facebook. There are also those posts “shared by others” and, what most concerns us, the third-party apps installed on the page such as our Blomming Storefront App.

Blomming Storefront is the app that enables you to link your Blomming Shop to your own Facebook Page, synchronizing your products and creating an easy Shopping experience for your fans. Not only easy but also secure, thanks to the integration of Paypal in the shopping cart.

While the icon for the Blomming app was previously on the top of the page, along with the others, the new layout moves third party app to the left column. Please note that this box, which will be available automatically, might appear in the last place. Here’s what to do to bring it up:

1. Take your mouse cursor to any box and click on the pencil icon to manage all sections on the left column.

Schermata 2014-06-10 alle 14.46.59

2. A pop-up window will appear: just drag the items to decide the order of sections (“People” and “About” will be placed on the top). The section we are interested in is Apps: drag it to the third place and then save changes.

Schermata 2014-06-10 alle 14.47.21

3. If in the box the Shop icon should not appear on the top, just click on it to enter on the tab (the page where the Shop app is). Then click on Manage Tabs (See the picture below).

Schermata 2014-06-10 alle 14.53.34

From the usual drag & drop window you could then take the Shop on top, then save changes.

Nuove pagine Facebook

It’s done! Want to check an example? Go preview Blomming’s Official Facebook Page