Emphasize your look: Supersized Statement Necklaces

Categories: Accessories, Fashion, Handmade, Jewelry, Necklaces By Zahra Sartipi

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Statement necklaces are everywhere and you surely know this trend.
Discovered on runways, worn by many celebrities, adopted by several fashionistas, and well… loved by Blomming! This trend seems to be unstoppable. When can a necklace be considered as an accessory? The answer is easy, when it is exaggeratedly supersized and showy.

A necklace can make your outfit unique, and the bigger the necklace, the more you’ll get attention. You know how? Open your wardrobe, take a basic dress in a single color, and the necklace will do the job for you: make you shine! But it all depends on what kind of necklace you choose, as it can radically change your style.

maxi collane

For example, if you’re in a charming mood, why not choose a dress in the color of love (red, obviously) and enhance it with a romantic collier with a little red bow detail. Perfect for a date!

Hand-made with tabs of aluminium cans, the Angela immediately gives your outfit a certain Rock-attitude! Whether you combine it with a short black dress or a bustier top, it shows the little Rockstar in you.

Or, let’s pretend you want to look romantic-dark for a special occasion: the Goth necklace (3rd in the picture) is the perfect one which gives you a chic and dark touch.

Love the Baroque style? Then the Riolite Dream is made for you! It reminds us direcly of some Dolce & Gabbana creations. All you may need is a knee-length white dress which is tight in the top and flared in the bottom. Retro touch guaranteed!

if you like it more extravagant, then this impressive golden one will suit your envy. Combine it with a balck dress with frills – à la “Great Gatsby”. You’ll remind everybody of the 30’s.

Want more of it? We also do, as we are totally in love with big accessoires. This is why we created a Maxi Necklace Collection on Blomming, so you will have the choice between gorgeous necklaces, one more beautiful than another. We know, the choice is difficult, but hey, it can also be a great gift for your mother, sister, best friend… or just for yourself!

So do not hesitate to show off, and stress your state! Discover a world of unique Necklaces >>
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