Easy Steps to Make your Blog Outstanding

Categories: Blogging, Seller Tips By Severine Kaiser

we can blog it!

Last week we talked about choosing the Best Blog Platform to you. Now, once you opened your blog, you will have to think about…the rest! And we are here to help you do it!

First, you have to think about the question: Why does my Blog exist? What do I want to communicate with it? For who?
The keyword here is be “useful”. The more you’re sharing useful informations, the more people will get attracted. But a Blog must be as well entertaining, personal and timely to make your visitors want to come back. The thing most people forget: the content is (obviously) important, but also the way you write. To make it enjoyable, don’t use heavy and long sentences, make it short but clear. Also, for making it easy to read, write rather in a personal manner than formulaic to establish a closer relationship with the reader.

What to write about??? It depends of the type of content, but avoid writing about something everybody knows. Being original makes you more noticeable. Now, one question: for who do you write? Well, not only for yourself, right? The customer/future customer is the focus. Think about him, what he would like to see, make him satisfied!

Another tip which is easily forgotten yet very useful: try to write regularly


It doesn’t mean daily if you don’t have enough time! Just try to keep the rythm: if you post twice a week, do it the same days every week; for example Tuesday and Friday. Consistency is better for you (so you know how to organize) and for your readers (they know approximately when news will arrive).

The most difficult part? The tone of voice. Don’t take example of successful blogs, search your own one! It can take time to find your path, but once you feel comfortable with the way you write, your readers will be used to it and will “know” or “recognize” you. The best tip is to work on it.
Did we forget something? Yes, something very important: the reader’s engagement. A Blog with interaction is obviously more entertaining. Ask for their opinion, their views and feedbacks. Of course, reply to questions or critics. The reader will feel “important” if you reply, and will be more keen to come back to your Blog and view other articles. Blogger Jason Calacanis said: “The currency of blogging is authenticity and trust”, meaning that if you give your readers authentic and admirable posts, you will be rewarded with your reader’s trust.

And last but not least don’t forget to share it! You don’t want to waste your time writing without being read, right? Whether on Facebook, Twitter, by Newsletter… make a way to your new articles find new readers.

These Tips are easy to follow and will help you to approach the concept of Blogging.

Keep Blogging for your Blomming Shop!;)