Drawings for Children… And Calendars for All

Categories: Illustrations, Visual Art By Francesco Bassetti


It has been a while since we last spoke about illustrations and even if the first month of 2013 is already behind us (oh my how quickly time goes by) we are just within the time limit for talking about calendars as well. How many have you received from banks and other institutions? How many are you actually putting to use?

Some may think that nowadays calendars are somewhat superfluous. With smart-phones, tablets, online and business synchronized calendars that pipe and chime from our electronic devices, is there still space for the classic calendar? We definitely think so, especially if the calendar in question is bursting with artistic joy, so that its a sort of decorative adornment that changes with each new month or any time you might want!

In the shop Cup of Snowflake you will find magical calendars reminiscent of those wonderful feelings of childhood. Wether you may choose bunny rabbits, mice or witches with their cats, your 2013 will be followed by the evolving of the seasons and the stories that accompany the calendars little protagonists.


The artist responsible for the creation of these wonderful illustrations is Irene: drawer and freelance grafic as well as… Congress hostess. Her passion for northern Europe factors as an inspiration for the creation of the characters, ‘as well as the thousands of cups of tea that I drink whilst drawing’.

Irene lived in both Helsinki and Stockholm, enveloped in the peace and snow, and places which she herself defines as ‘fairy like locations that inspired me greatly’. The illustrations of Cup of Snowflake become a sort of spell that allows us to see the world through a magical lens: ‘in my drawings I bring coloured worlds, lots of nature and funny animals with curious looks… the world that surrounds us is full of beautiful surprises!’. Illustrazioni-per-Bambini

On Irene’s Blog you will find her magical drawings with no words at all! Hence we imagine a shy girl that prefers that her drawings speak for themselves.

Irene prints her drawings on calendars and post cards which she sells primarily online. Where? On Blomming of course!