Dolls and Soft Toys: The New Best Friend for Your Kid

Categories: Handmade, Kids, Shopping By Severine Kaiser

Here’s a special post for children again
(we already talked about Toys for Children, do you remember?). Because Christmas is the best time of the year for them! So they don’t have to be disappointed. And what is the most important for a small child? Exactly: the right teddybear, doll, soft toy, doudou, or whatever you call it! We all had one during our childhood, and I will never throw away my friend of that time! So, which one is for your child?

raquelmarinpulidoWe begin already with the maximum of cuteness possible – hold yourself saying “ohhh!”. Did you ever see such a cute snail? I doubt so. And the mouse is really adorable! These matching companions have a ribbon on their top, so you can hang them up in your kid’s room.

hugoAnimals are our best friends, it doesn’t matter if they’re real or not! And so this turtle called Hugo is made with a lot of love and his fabrics have been carefully selected.

mistressHuh, what is this? A cat? Let your imagination wander – we forgot how to do it, but children have it in their soul! This one-of-a-kind character is adapted to older children.

fantasyandrreamsThis is a sympathic bunny! Poppy is very soft, adapted to allergic people and… Can be made to order. The heart sewn on the belly is the characteristic of every

abbitsAgain a bunny? Yes, but so much different from the previous one! This one is very original, with a pocket on his belly! And the special thing is, that each Bunny has different fabrics, so it is for sure unique.

Your child is quite choosy? We are prepared for this! We created a Collection dedicated to soft toys for children, take a look and find the right one in our Dolls and Soft Toys Collection>>