DIY: Small “Photo Studio”

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Today I want to talk about a key concept in Online sales:  The online shopping starts and ends with the eyes and so,  a good photo is essential.
Think that the item photo is part of the buying process. In your Blomming Shop the customer is not able to see “in person” or to touch a product, so a clear photograph has to be used to highlight the qualities of the object that the customer can’t get into his own hands. Therefore, having a great picture it’s not the only driver to sell; you should insert details (material, size, weight) on the description to give your costumer a better shopping experience but for now, let’s focus on the picture.
As we can see, the product picture is a critical point to your online business success so be sure to upload a picture with good resolution and add more images with different visions of the item. On Blomming you can upload up to 4 pictures for each item for free, use this feature to capture each detail, each side of your product.

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But how to take good pictures without a studio? First, why won’t you take a look into this article where we list the principal bases of product photograph? Do you want more technical information? On this page you can find really detailed explanations about each for taking a great picture. It definitely worth’s a visit.
Now that you know the basics, how about building a “small studio” for you? While surfing on Pinterest we found this small Infographic that tell you easily how to build a “studio”.

You will need an area with a lot of indirect sunlight, a white cardbox bigger then your item and your item.  Once you set everything just take a lot of pictures of different angles without using the flash and choose the best ones to upload on your Product Page.



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Happy Blomming!