DIY: Multi-Coloured Vases

Categories: Arts & Crafts, Home Decor, Tutorials By Maria Marinelli


January… Grey, dark, cold. Don’t even get me started on how miserable we can feel right after the holidays. Going back to work is awful and the streets without Christmas lights are so gloomy. We only have two choices: keep complaining until April or accept the challenge with a big smile and make an effort to make things around look better and – doing so – feeling better ourselves.

You guys know how much we love decorative projects, so here we go!

How about having some fun with colours? Nothing difficult, nothing which requires too much effort or focus (hey, it’s January for us as well), just some simple acrylic paint to give a fresh look to a little corner of your house. Pour the paint into some old vases, glasses, cake-stands and so on. The sky’s the limit and the uplifting effect is guaranteed!

Picture via Design By Tjejen