DIY: New Look for your Laptop

Categories: Arts & Crafts, Tutorials By Severine Kaiser

We Blommers have the same best friend. He is always on our side, giving answers to everything, and is a great help for work. Exactly, we’re talking about our laptops . For example, I have mine for more than 4 years and he still works like in his younger days. There is only one thing… I chose him for his trendy design in red at that time. And, well, now the color isn’t that red anymore… Also the keys look a bit used. It is time for a make-over!

So, as I’m probably not the only one out there with this aesthetic problem, I think it is a nice opportunity to share with our Blommers some quick SOS solutions.

… Do you like it Chic?

wood laptop

How classy is this! Elegant, sophisticated, and… so easy to do. You just need contact-paper (for example with wood motive, as seen on the picture).

Take the battery off to work without worries. Unroll your contact paper, lay your computer on top and cut around it, leaving a large border on all sides. Outline the logo using a piece of thin paper to trace it, then lay it over the contact paper in the middle, and cut out the logo using a x-acto knife and a little piece of tape to keep it in place while you cut it out. Remove the backing of the contact paper, lay it gently on top of your laptop, careful to line-up where your logo cut-out is, and smooth the contact paper out. Now, flip over so the top of your laptop is now on the floor, and begin trimming the edges. Fold up around the edges of your laptop. To do the front part, trace the track-pad (like you did with logo) and cut it out beforehand to get the right size. Ready!

… or maybe more Trendy?

cover laptop

You’ll only need a bottle of gold glitter and mod podge.

First, tape off the first row of chevron pattern using painter’s tape: 3 1/2 inch pieces of tape and taped a piece of scratch paper to the laptop cover (to make sure that the pattern is straight). Tape off the second row of chevron pattern. The space between these 2 rows is where the glitter will go. Of course, you can ajust the width of the chevrons as you like (thicker of thinner chevrons). Once you taped other rows of chevron, mix the glitter and the mod podge together for around 50/50. Now, time to paint: paint one coat after another of glitter & glue (about 3 should be enough). Especially the edges mustn’t be forgotten. While the glue is still wet, remove carefully the tape. Let it dry for a night… finished!

Fancy keys

fancy keys

Do you feel at ease writing with your PC? Like, without checking your hands every two seconds? Then, this could be a nice decorative idea. All you need is: MT masking tape, which exists in many, many patterns; and some patience, to cut exactly the size of the keys. Very original!

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