DIY: Jeweled Bobby Pins In 3 Steps!

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Bad hair days. We’ve all been there … and it’s so frustrating. When it attacks we have to be prepared to deal with it as stylish as possible. My way? Bobby Pins. 
They are practical and can be placed in all ways possible in your head allowing you to style it in many ways but in some sense they are so… invisible. Of course , that is part of their awesomeness but sometimes I like it to have some sparkle. I saw in fancy stores those Jeweled ones but they are usually to expensive for pins and so I stay with my plain ones.

bobby pins

What was my delight when I found on Pinterest  originally from LifeinMod, this DIY Jeweled Bobby Pins. It´s so easy !!!!
That is what you will need:

– Bobby pins
– Spray paint
If you want they silver… I believe they will look amazing even with their original color been black or gold.
– Jewel appliques
I also believe that some flowers will look real nice , romantic and colorful
- Heavy duty craft glue
bobby pin diy

How to do it:

1. Slip the bobby pins onto a piece of paper, spray paint them & allow them to dry
You can skip this part if you want them on it original color.
2. Dollop a tiny bit of heavy duty glue on the backs of the appliques, stick them to the end of each bobby pin
3. Allow them to dry for at least 6 hours before using
So easy! I will have to make some for me….
Happy Crafting!