DIY Gift Idea: A Date In A Jar

Categories: Arts & Crafts, Smart Ideas, Tutorials By Maria Marinelli

Here’s one of the most clever ideas I’ve seen in quite a while: a date in a jar! Which happens to be perfect as a last-minute gift for Valentine’s day or for any other occasion (sky’s the limit guys!).

This jar is especially thought for an ice-skating date and it includes all the basics: gloves, chocolate, lip balm and… Love!
I absolutely adore it and  I love to think about different combinations! Which is your favorite kind of date? Movies, museums, a bike riding through the park, a pinic? Now you can offer it to your loved one or to your friends, in a jar!

Follow Toni’s tutorial on the Gunny Sack and if you come up with some lovely alternative ideas, we would love to see them!