DIY: Create Your Own Slippers to Keep Your Feet Warm

Categories: Tutorials By Severine Kaiser

slippers coverBrrr, the winter isn’t going to go away so soon. I thought I would get used to the cold, but that was a big lie to myself! And what are the parts of the body which are suffering the most? Yes, the feet. We probably all have a collection of about 40 pair of socks, but do we have any choice? Yes, actually we do! Don’t put your over-used jumper in the trash, give him a second life and make… a pair of slippers from it. It’s fast, easy, and you probably have the few materials at home!

diy slipperTo begin, you need an old jumper, a pair of scissors, thread, needle and pins. Put one feet on a cardboard and draw around it, with about 3 cm margin, and cut out. Turn the pattern, put on the cardboard, draw exactly around it and cut out again: you have your left and right foot.

diy slipper - CopiePin the patterns on the jumper (be careful to take only one layer of it!!), cut out – you have the underside. Now, put your foot in one of the armholes: it should be at least as high as when you wear a big sock. Cut so that the underside of your foot isn’t covered by fabric.

Slippers ENDNow, it is time for some sewing skills! Don’t worry, it isn’t difficult. You just have to assemble the bottom of the feet to the rest. It works the best with the Blanket stitch (also from a visual perspective). Do the same for the top of the slippers, so the fibers will be hold together, and it looks even better. That’s it!

Your favorite jumper has now a second purpose! But, your siblings, kids or parents surely also have an old jumper they want to throw away… How about surprising them with a pair of slippers?;)