DIY Cereal Box Drawer Dividers

Categories: Tutorials By Laís Fulgencio


When the idea is to put the house in order, hide the mess is out of the question. But sometimes is hard to organize some small areas like drawers or cabinets.  Creativity is the key to not get lost in the clutter, especially when space is limited.
While searching on Pinterest for a way to organize my drawers, I found this cute and easy to DIY drawer dividers. The best  part? It´s easy to do and utilizes cereal boxes, which make it a very cheap option.




The drawer dividers tutorial by IHeartOrganizing is very easy to be followed and contain pictures of each step. You will need:

  • - Food boxes such as those from cereal, waffles and granola bars.
  • - Pretty papers, {both wrapping and decorative cardstock}
  • - Regular tape and double-sided,
  • - Pencil
  • - Scissors,
  • - Box cutter
  • - Yard stick or Ruller


What are you waiting for try this cute, useful and environment friendly tutorial? Just see here the step by step and start organzing.

Happy Blomming!