Design BackPacks: Carry With Style

Categories: Bags By Francesco Bassetti

supe design-design backpacks

Welcome Supe Design backpacks! Finally a rucksack that has all the conveniences of being well designed, with many pockets and ample space, whilst also being 100% original and nice to look at. Aren’t you fed up of seeing black or dark blue back packs all the time? Well, now there is a viable and attractive alternative: Supe Design!

supe design-original backpacks

These bags are great for everything: you can take them to school as they have plenty space and good back support for all those heavy books, you can do sport with them as they can be fastened round the front and the braces are padded and comfy to wear and you can use them when your out and about shopping or just chilling with friends as they are really nice to look. Their original and attractive design is what caught my attention immediately. The extra large zips and great variety of colours and patterns are truly exceptional.

supe design-supe backpacks-supe rucksacks

Find all the different models on Supe Design’s Blomming shop and follow them on Facebook to be kept up to date with all the new items they have to offer.

Happy Blomming!