Ringsmania: the Right Ring, for Every Taste

Categories: Jewelry, Rings, Shopping By Severine Kaiser

rings Everything’s written in the title: let’s talk about women’s favorite accessoire (at any rate, mine): rings! Why? We already had Statement necklaces in the focus, which are the best way to enhance a simple outfit. But now, cold and rainy days are coming, and a big coat doesn’t make it obvious that we are wearing great jewelry.

Personnally, I LOVE wearing rings because they are the final touch for your outfit. It is underrated how important rings can be! Of course, here again it depends on your taste and your style. Are you…

…the flower-power type?
Flowers are one of the most recurrent themes in jewelry generally. You surely must be a desperate romantic to wear Flower themed jewelry;)

Flower mSCanyella Flower HandmadeForPassion Flower selly

…a lover of geometrical shapes?
You like metal materials? And think an architectural shape is something original? You’re right.
We also think it is unusual and giving a mature touch to every outfit.

Geo Manumanu Geo Oficinadarte Geo Strangefruits

…a dreamer with nostalgy?
It is never out of fashion! Old things are more trendy than ever. We also love grandma’s pieces! You didn’t find some trasures in your grandparent’s house? A lot of Blommers create past-inspired jewelry!

Retro Giovanniscafuro Retro Lasagnatheecat Retro JofriGioielli

…the fanciest person in town?
Showing off doesn’t affraid you and you’re interested in innovative design? Then crazy rings are perfect for you.
Our tip: choose a dress an a vivid color and make it match with one of these rings – extravagant but wearable.

Fancy tinything Fancy Oficinadarte Fancy ateliermoki

For more suggestions (we agree, we never have enough of those pieces!),
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