Coffee Art: Meet Matsuno

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Making a good coffee is recognized as an art, by lovers of delicacy. However, Art Coffee (Latte Art) actually refers to the design made in the cream of the beverage. Latte is a coffee with a generous amount of foam made with hot milk.
In Japan, this art  has been transformed into masterpieces.  Matsuno (known as Mattsun) have a unique ability to make these drawings, they take between three and five minutes to the figures, and his main tools are a spoon and a toothpick.


“To me, latte art is a beautiful stage on which to test out my tastes. Through this, I can make customers smile, and drawing with the intention to make them deeply moved is really fun. Even if it’s simple bear latte art, I don’t just draw the face, I draw the whole body, or two bears hugging each other. I want to capture a uniqueness to my latte art that people can only imagine. Of course, I draw cute characters, but I also want to draw villainous, disgusting characters that insight a strong emotion response to the point that viewers think, “Why on Earth did he draw this?”. I want to draw memorable latte art for people so they will think back on it every time they have an ordinary cup of cafe latte. ”


On his website  you can see that even if most of the designs are inspired by anime (Japanese cartoons), as “Dragon Ball” and “Naruto”. There are also characters from comic strip “Peanuts.” The latte versions of Albert Einstein, the Statue of Liberty, Lady Gaga and even Santa Claus were also made. But most impressive are the versions of famous painting and the 3D designs.  Presently, he have drawn more than 500 varieties of latte art.

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Unfortunately he is only serving in Japan or in some fairs around the world  and so we can´t drink one of those every day. However, we can make our coffee time more cheerful with a special mug. Thinking about this, we put together a collection with the cutest mugs and tea/coffee cups on Blomming.
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 Happy Coffee!