Choosing your Blogging Platform

Categories: Blogging, Seller Tips By Severine Kaiser


Some time ago we talked about how to open a Blog on Blogspot. One of the most famous blog platforms in the world.  But maybe other Blogging Platforms are more appealing to you.
It all depends of your profile.

Are you a…

… occasional Blogger?

Probably Blogger is then the most suitable for you. It is one of the oldest Platforms, which ensures to have settled any type of stability issues. Also, besides being cost-free, you will see that it is the easiest one to use: the commands are basic and you can manage if almost automatically. The downside? It is hard to set up your own domain name, but if you want to use it with the , then there will be no problem.


… Casual Blogger with a penchant for visual content?

Tumblr is a “new” platform but is well known. It is perfect for anybody who wants to share more pictures/videos rather than only text. What does it provide exactly? Well, you will have the choice between numerous gorgeous themes to design your Blog, and a simplicity which will impress you. Just choose the type of content you would like to share and click on “Publish”. Moreover, thanks to the Control Panel you can easily manage multiple Blogs. You can also work on it through the App, conceived for an appreciable using for a mobile interface. All this for free.


… Professional which wants customization solutions?

Have you ever heard of Squarespace? It provides you nice features. For example, through the LayoutEngine technology, you can drag-and-drop directly to customize your layout site. You can also import Blogs from other Platforms (from WordPress, Blogger…) in few clicks. The security is high: viruses and hacking aren’t so susceptible to happen. For all these advantages, you will have to pay at least 8$ per month.


…Professional Blogger with need of stability?

WordPress, which is the most popular Platform in the internet (Did you know that 1 of 6 websites is running on WordPress?), isn’t only a free publishing Platform ( but also a system for content management if you have a self-hosted blog (on The advantages are numerous. You are free to run whatever you want on it, going from an E-Commerce (such as Blomming, of course) to video content only. The flexibility is strong, and you can customize the appearance almost endlessly with the big bibliotheque of themes. Also, there are over thousands plugins. Finally, the best feature is probably the fact that WordPress is free! The only disadvantages? As we said, WordPress is more adapted to professional Bloggers because of its complexity if you never used such a tool.


Now that you got explanations on these different platforms, which one is your personal choice? Soon, we’ll show you easy ways on how to put forward your new Blog in the best way.

Happy Blomming!