Chew ‘Seeds of Bliss’ For Peace

Categories: Inspirational, Visual Art By Francesco Bassetti

seeds of bliss-chew sunflower seeds-seeds of peace

This saturday I want to talk to you about a fun and inspiring initiative, undertaken by an Israeli artist called Noam Edry, that tries to bring together Israelis and Palestinians using their common love for Sunflower seeds. The Project is called Seeds of Bliss.

When eating Sunflower seeds you chew through the shell which is then discarded. The aim of this art project is to bring together neighboring towns and groups of both Palestinians and Israelis to chew through 10 tonnes of sunflower seeds, whose shells will then be exhibited at a museum in London as a humorous response to the famous ‘Sunflower Seeds’ exhibition set up by Ai Wei Wei. Some might even say that it will take as long to reach 10 tonnes of shells, as to reach peace in the Middle East. But Noam Edry emphasizes that at the end of the day what counts is the “quality” not the “quantity” of the chewing. “The goal is to have a meaningful encounter and to develop a real friendship“.

Ai wei wei-sunflower seeds-sunflower tate modern-ai wei wei tate modern-sunflower exhibition

The conflict that has been going on between Palestinians and Israelis is a travesty that seems to have no foreseeable solution. It is important that initiatives like this shed light on the common aspects that these two groups have in common, so that one day they may live in peace. Although sunflower seeds are of course not the solution, it is important to remember that no matter our differences we are all united by similarities that can help us co-exist. “We all chew and spit the same. So for this one purpose we are just people chewing sunflower seeds.” Noam Edry.

Visit the projects Facebook page to discover more detailed information and take a look at this fun video below to get a glimpse at Noam in action.