It was love on the first sight. No, I don’t talk about somebody. I mean the creations of Spanish artist Oriol Angrill Jordà. Especially his new serie called “Blendscapes”, which  innovative melt women and landscapes together. It looks like double exposure photographies. He uses watercolors, colored pencils and graphite and we can tell that the result is […]

Art, T-Shirts and Chopped Heads

Visual designer, illustrator and art director Antonio Colomboni, has started his own brand of T-shirts that bring together a mix of fun and character in their unique designs. Ranging from Amy Winehouse, pictured below, to the likes of Morrissey these shirts are simple, funny and well designed. If you follow Antonio on Facebook you will come acroos a […]

Drawings for Children… And Calendars for All

It has been a while since we last spoke about illustrations and even if the first month of 2013 is already behind us (oh my how quickly time goes by) we are just within the time limit for talking about calendars as well. How many have you received from banks and other institutions? How many are you actually […]

Beautiful Art By Scuba Drawings

I’m so in love with Scuba Drawings’ art! When I first stumbled upon their shop, what really hit me was the power of these drawings even when it’s only in black and white. Then, at a second sight, I loved how detailed each piece was. I think they would look great in a modern and quite […]


Design 5: A Visual Joy

Design5 is pure visual joy for mankind. With a love for beauty and a strong belief that design is here to touch our souls and our eyes, Molly Dhiman creates fun pieces of design such as coasters, clocks, trays, pendants and much more. Each piece features nice art, quotes and cute little illustrations. Follow her […]

Hello World – Really!

We are so happy to be here. After a long wait, our international blog is finally online, ready to collect the stories of the many who create, invent, build, craft, make – and more. As in the image above, we – the chameleons – are just part of the picture. Along the road we have […]


It’s Up To Us!

“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself”:  the ancient Chinese proverb is still so valid now. And matches perfectly with this one: “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” True story! In the end it’s up to us.


Remote Places And Fantasies: Kenditarzim, from Turkey

“I can’t understand a word, erm, it seems..Turkish to me.” A classic, isn’t it?.  But this is not the case because there is not much to read. These are books full of white sheets, drawn bythe Community, decorated with a laser. And beautiful. They come from Kenditarzim, a Turkish startup. It’s funny to see emerge more […]