Today, I would like to talk about a new illustrator who landed on Blomming only a few weeks ago, but who has already caught our hearts! Her name is Mabel Morri, she was born in Rimini in 1975 and she graduated from the School of Comics in Milan. Mabel says of herself that she draws […]

The Vinyls are Back to Life! DebrART’s Original Work

Today, I have the pleasure to present a young artist from Bari, Italy: Deborah. If you don’t know her work already, it is highest time to discover it now! Deborah always had a creative path. She studied languages and foreign litteratures in the Bari University and was a member of a band as guitarist, and […]

Past in the Present: Photography Project

Let me tell you a little story. There is a young guy named Taylor Jones, living in Ontario, Canada and working as an online media expert. Until now, nothing exceptionnal, right? But he is the one who brought a new photography concept. It began on his own Blog: he posted some pictures of his family. […]

Jordà’s Dreamy Blendscapes Illustrations

It was love on the first sight. No, I don’t talk about somebody. I mean the creations of Spanish artist Oriol Angrill Jordà. Especially his new serie called “Blendscapes”, which  innovative melt women and landscapes together. It looks like double exposure photographies. He uses watercolors, colored pencils and graphite and we can tell that the result is […]

Travelling: List Shows How Much You Spend Per Day In Various Cities Of The World

  In August, during Summer break is impossible not to think about travelling. It does not matter if is to a city next to yours or to the other side of the world: Is undeniable the value of the a trips in the construction of the human being and the discovery of self and others and […]

Meet Norm, The New Instagram Celebrity

And who said the Instagram is only for humans? Meet Norm. Norm is a almost 2 years old pug  owned by Jeremy Veach which shows his photogenic side in a fun way. Veach brought  Norm to his house when he was only 8 weeks and since then has explored different poses and scenarios inspired by some  other […]

Style: What does It Say About You?

  Have you ever thought about what your style say about you?Clothing choices are rarely neutral, and traces of our personality  can be read in our decision between this shirt instead of that other one. Coco Chanel once said: “If a woman is badly dressed, it’s the dress we’ll notice; but if she is impeccably […]

Ai wei wei-sunflower seeds-sunflower tate modern-ai wei wei tate modern-sunflower exhibition

Chew ‘Seeds of Bliss’ For Peace

This saturday I want to talk to you about a fun and inspiring initiative, undertaken by an Israeli artist called Noam Edry, that tries to bring together Israelis and Palestinians using their common love for Sunflower seeds. The Project is called Seeds of Bliss. When eating Sunflower seeds you chew through the shell which is then […]

Picture This

The ability to immortalise moments through still images began with  Thomas Wedgwood in 1790 and culminated in the work of the French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1826. Since then photography has continued to evolve, revolutionizing the techniques and materials used to give moments a touch of eternity. Over the last 20 years digital photography has represented the new wave of […]

Sunday Shuffle: Paper Power

This weeks Sunday Shuffle is dedicated to all the paper creations on Blomming. Whether these be great wall stickers, nice wrapping paper or  sturdy paper constructions. First in the list is the incredible shop from Florence: BoommBoomm. Their shop is born out of the ideas of Zeno Pacciani a famous florentine architect and designer whose use of […]