Today I thought I would share with you some of the best christmas-y creativity I found on the web. I’ll particularly share ideas that somehow imply the use of wood.  They’re just a few ’cause there are so many beautiful, interesting and clever things out there that I could write 100 posts. Anyways, let’s get started! I […]

Glittered Stylish Ornaments For A Very Fashionable Christmas

Awww! Don’t know about you, but these are definitely some of the most stylish ornaments I’ve seen around this year. The idea is so simple and the realization so quick and still they look so lovely. They will make the perfect present for your fashion forward mom or friend. You’ll just need to fill some […]

Mint Chocolate Lipgloss DIY

If you are a girl (well, you most probably are, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this, would you?) then I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love this lipgloss. Not only it is home made – which means it is packed with the most good and lovely ingredients – it also happen to be chocolate-y. So, just to […]

Fashion Tips: How To Layer Jewelry

Warning: this is a “More IS more” post! When the weather gets grey and gloomy, fashion gets glittery and shiny. Especially with the Christmas period approaching, you won’t want to miss out on any occasion to blink and shine. One of the best way to keep sparkling and stylish is to learn how to layer […]

Holidays lights tutorial

Here’s my confession: as much as I love crocheting as a crazy, I’m not really fond of crochet Christmas decorations. The thing is, I’ve always found them a bit old and weird looking. Plus, often times they remind me of some old craft books from the 70’s filled with patterns to crochet and knit the […]

How To Create A DIY Hanging Decoration With Feathers

My passion for mobiles – aka hanging decorations – knows no limits and it is greatly shared around the world wide web. There is something about mobiles that makes them the perfect complement for any house (or at least for my not-very-posh-looking flat in London). And there definitely is something about this one that makes […]

Glam Golden Pumpkin via Kandeeland

Home Décor: Halloween Style

Who said that Halloween has to be only about a macabre and creepy mood? While I may like pumpkins and while I really love orange as a color, I don’t really see why I should make my apartment look like a hunted house. Now that the weather is turning bad and days are turning darker, I’d […]