Cute Easter Envelopes

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This is for all the people who are running late on Easter gifts: the cutest easter envelopes with a lovely bunny on top. Envelopes are so versatile that they will save your life: you can pair them with a basket of spring yummy products, with a bunch of colorful flowers or even with the traditional […]

The Easiest Strawberry Tart Recipe

This is one of those quick recipes to create the yummiest dessert. When I think of Spring I think of strawberries and picnics in the park. And what would a picnic be without a delicious dessert? I’ve tried this recipe myself and I’m so happy to tell you how easy it is and how good […]

Pantone Easter Eggs

Easter is just around the corner and, if you’re looking for some classic Easter decoration, then you may need to look somewhere else. This is definitely not the old and boring one. This is the perfect decor for the stylish souls and design lovers. At the same time you’ll manage to get your Easter sorted and […]

A Super Juice For A Super Spring

When despite the calendar – which keeps saying that Spring is almost here – the air keeps being cold and the rain keeps falling down, it’s easy to get that awful last flu of the season. The best way to fight it is by laughing a lot and taking as much vitamin C as we […]

Homemade Bubble Bath

Is there anything better than a relaxing bubble bath at the end of a long day? Maybe it’s still raining outside, but inside all is warm and cozy, candles are lighting the room and our favorite music is playing. As cheesy as it may sound, I think few things are more comforting. And because the […]

Colourful Umbrella DIY

In theory spring is just behind the corner, but the truth is that the weather is not being nice, and whilst we’re dreaming of flowers, sun and lazy afternoons in the park our daily lives are still dealing with freezing temperatures and rain. I know, it’s awful, but hey even in such gloomy conditions, we […]

Fashion DIY: Heart Shaped Elbow Patches

Cardigans are the best bet ever for every season: they’re so easy to be thrown on any outfit that they’ll save you in many situations. During springtime they’re essential to keep you warm after sunset so you’d better stock up on thin, pastel cardigans. They’ll look amazing over floral dresses and shirts. That said, I always […]


Words To Wear

Aren’t words one of the best ways to express ourselves? Whether it’s a feeling, a season, the name of one you love or even the name of your cat, here’s one of the prettiest ways to express what you feel through words: wearing them on your neck! I’ve found the tutorial on Randomly Happy, a […]

Beautiful Braids

Having long hair means having the chance to play with it and sport several different looks. One of the most classic styles is the braid which lately happens to have become a huge trend.  Today  many celebrities are wearing braids (one example above all: the beautiful ladies at Gossip Girl) to the point that, in […]

flower pattern skirt-flower skirt-vintage skirt-vintsge flower pattern clothes

Fashion Tips: Rock The Flower Power Trend

Spring is behind the corner and apparently we’re going to welcome the new exciting season with an explosion of colourful petals. Whilst flower print may not be the newest of the trends, it’s worth remembering that each season brings a new twist and that the most important thing is not to wear the trend, but […]