Brrr, the winter isn’t going to go away so soon. I thought I would get used to the cold, but that was a big lie to myself! And what are the parts of the body which are suffering the most? Yes, the feet. We probably all have a collection of about 40 pair of socks, […]

How to make your new Year’s Eve Party the Event of the Year!

Today’s Christmas, you enjoy the relaxing atmosphere but in few days you have a reason to stay awake until early in the morning! Of course, it is New Year’s Eve – Christmas has not even passed by and we’re already excited about the (soon) unforgettable event. And, so, this year you decided that the party […]

DIY: Decorating Your Candles for a Christmas Atmosphere

Are you ready for the few days left before Christmas?! Sure, now that you finally prepared all the gifts, you’re probably relaxing at home with your ¬†family, drinking tea and… Waiting for the fatidic date! I think now is the time to be a bit creative after all this Shopping – don’t worry, these ideas […]

Tasty and Original Dessert Receipes for A Christmas Feeling

I know, I know, everybody’s in the process of finding the perfect gift for the whole family. But there is also a time where you just want to have time for yourself or with your kids. And what is better than making tasty desserts for Christmas? No, there isn’t anything better. Really. Except the moment […]

DIY: The Cutest Christmas Tree Decorations Ever!

Everything begins to smell like Christmas now – the mandarines, the light decorations in your city, the Blomming storefront… and soon, you will bring a new Christmas tree home and decorate it with your family, right? In this case, I found a very cute decoration idea: how about some self-made ornaments? You need only some […]

DIY: New Look for your Laptop

We Blommers have the same best friend. He is always on our side, giving answers to everything, and is a great help for work. Exactly, we’re talking about our laptops . For example, I have mine for more than 4 years and he still works like in his younger days. There is only one thing… […]

DIY: Cute and Yummy Tea Set

Brrr… the days are becoming colder and colder! Be careful not to get ill. How do we find comfort during grey and rainy days? We think: it is a great moment to…drink tea! Full of benefits, it always cheers us up and the smell is just divine… So, what about setting up a little tea […]

How to Customize your Cupcakes for Halloween

For all Halloween fans out there, this is for you! We’ve already shown you where to collect the must-have items for your Halloween Party (in our spooky Halloween Collection, in case you don’t remember) and also which are the best cocktails for a cosy drink between adults. Now, it is also time to involve your […]

Drinks for Your Halloween Party

We all love to celebrate. And Halloween is approaching quickly!¬†You also like this event, but think it is something for children? Don’t you dare saying that! Let’s have a nice drink with a scary-spooky feeling. Here our top 3 of cocktail ideas for every taste. Please note that you have to be at least 18 […]

DIY: Home Fragrances for Autumn

Everybody knows this situation: you are going home after work, and you smell the stale caused by closed windows in your flat or house. Or after you’re cooking, the whole living room smells like food. It would be more welcoming and pleasant to have a nice smell, wouldn’t it? We found the ideal solution, easy […]