This is exactly the kind of idea you need on a January evening or weekend: easy, relaxing, fun and it is going to bring a pop of color to the dullness of winter. A lovely tutorial that I’ve found on Blog A La Carte  to make yourself a pair of stunning and colorful earrings. I […]

The Cufflink Strikes Back

RubberSoulCollection has only just joined Blomming, but she’s already a favourite of ours with her collection of geek accessories and sci-fi jems. Her collection of Star Wars cufflinks is something every fan of this science fiction milestone must have. From the funny R2D2 to the menacing Darth Vader these geek accessories are perfect to be worn […]

Homemade Chocolate & Honey Face Mask

We already mentioned how much we love to take care of our beauty in a natural way. This is true even and especially when chocolate is involved. Wait, did I say chocolate?! Yes, we did it again, we found another lovely and luxurious recipe to keep your face glowing and hydrated while smelling like the […]

DIY Orange Flowers

Here is a clever and simple idea to decorate your house during this dark winter season. First of all you won’t be wasting anything, as all you need  is orange peel. Secondly, because it’s winter time and hence orange time, why not get plenty of vitamin C while having fun decorating the corners of your […]

Merry Christmas. With <3. And Happy Blomming To You All!

It has really been a great year. A crazy run in trying to build and make something new, that somebody could love. Isn’t there such a similar story between us at Blomming and you Blommers? We always think so. You create and sell beautiful objects – eeeeeevery kind of objects – and we do the […]

Operation Last-Minute Decoration!

So this is Christmas and what have you done? Well, you may still argue that it is not Christmas just yet but, hey, with a few hours remaining we’re certainly getting there and… what have you done? If you (just like myself) are late with the operation wild-decoration, then I’m sure you will find this […]

Turn On A Christmas Light With A Tweet

It’s easy: you just need to put together 35.000 plastic bottles, 120.000 cable ties, a 12 meters high iron scaffold, work 1.300 man-hours and presto! you have your recycled Christmas tree. Than, make a call to some geeky friends – like the ones of the Linux User Group in Lonate Pozzolo, Varese, Italy – and […]

Home Decor: Branch Candle-Holder DIY

You know how much we love home-decor ideas, and this one is truly great! You’ll just need to get a bunch of dry branches (of course I’m not asking you to take them from a tree, just go out for a fresh walk in a park and you’ll find plenty on the ground). Then, all […]

DIY Ornaments With A Vintage Twist

Today I stumbled upon these very pretty DIY ornaments and I just had to share them here with you! They will brighten up every corner of the house, look great hanging from a tree or on a door or as a perfect center-piece on your Christmas table and they’ll also be great fun for your […]

Time to Wrap Those Presents

It’s Christmas Eve and therefore time to make sure that all your presents are nicely wrapped and placed under the Christmas Tree. There are countless ways to wrap presents beautifully without having to buy wrapping paper: old newspapers, tissue paper, boxes, gifts within gifts … the list of tricks goes on … However, if like […]