I have always been used to thinking of Bees as one big single unit, similar to a city, where each has their own duties and specific tasks to carry out, without exceptions. However, Solitary Bees, as the name suggests, build their nests for their larvae where chance places them: in sand, in dry wood and […]

Eco Design: Taking Notes In Extreme Situations

You don’t need to climb a mountain or brave a storm to lead a ‘dangerous’ life. Difficulties, always laying low and ready to pounce, make us feel as if we are in SuperMario Land: where mushrooms try to kill us and you need to collect coins and jump from one brick to another to survive. […]

Romantic Pomegranate Ice Cubes

Saint Valentine’s day is approaching and so I thought that this would be the best time to start sharing some romantic and nice ideas to make it a beautiful day. Shall we start from the kitchen? You might be the best of the cook and have a handful of wonderful recipes, but the truth is […]

Make Your Own Leather Lunch Bag (Jil Sander Inspired)

There’s been quite a lot of chatting around Jil Sander’s Leather Lunch Bag during the last months. A oily paper lunch bag is something so simple and, let’s admit it, so unfashionable, and still the german designer managed to make it not only chic but a must-have piece. Appealing, isn’t it? The problem is that […]

The Denim Doctor

As much as we love to follow fashion and trends and try almost every new thing out there, there’s nothing like a good old pair of really good jeans that suit you perfectly. Why? Well, cause you can wear them basically everyday and everywhere. Cause you can match them with basically any piece in your […]

Good Night Lamp

We can hide the fact that we like living away from home as much as we want, but still we will innevitably miss it sometimes. However, there is a way to never feel alone, it’s a very sweet project put forth by a design studio based in London… Good Night Lamp is a ‘family’ of lights, […]

ArkWhat: When Low Tech Meets High Tech…

And so it was… a match made in heaven: the iPhone has finally found the love of its life, who is none other than the ArkHippo. Click here to see the video of their romantic first encounter and in the picture below see iPhone and ArkHippo in a loving embrace. Jokes aside, Ark have re’invented […]

Rocking Knit: You Rock, She Knits

  For years now a return to the values of old, those of quality manual labour in production, has been taking a hold. Thus, amongst analog cameras, ruck-sacks with leather straps and vintage eyewear, we slowly make our way backwards to recover values that in many cases us digital natives haven’t had the opportunity to […]

A DIY Shiny Rhinestone Necklace

Here’s the perfect accessory to be the most shining lady at any party: a sparkling collar to craft with your own hands. It seems too lovely to be true and yet it’s quite simple to make. Just pop over to the In Honor Of Design blog to find a step-by-step tutorial. Once it is done, pair it […]

DIY Sequin Pillow

I have to admit it, this is one of the best projects I’ve stumbled upon on in quite a while. I’m all about coziness, indoor activities, relax, so – that’s easy to tell – I love pillows in every shape. If you add sequins to the mix, the magic is done! So since I’ve seen […]